Five Places to Look for the Best Tattoo Artists Edmonton Has to Offer

You’ve decided that you want to get a tattoo (or maybe it is time to get another tattoo to add to your “ink collection.”) Now, it is time to sort through all the tattoo artists near me and find the best. Here are five great places to look for the best tattoo artists Edmonton has to offer.

  • The Yellow Pages - The Yellow Pages are a great resource for finding tattoo shops. While this would appear to be just a listing of shops, you can review the ads to learn more about a shop and get a list of shops you may want to connect with and learn more about in the future. The best shops will always want to get a good listing in the Yellow Pages to get their name out there.

  • Online Review Sites - Online review sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook are a good place to look for information about tattoo artists and shops in your area. Edmonton is a big city so there are plenty of shops--you can narrow them down to only the best by checking out their online reviews. If a company gets consistently good reviews, you know that they are a shop you can trust.

  • Tattoo Magazines - Today, there are a number of great tattoo magazines. These magazines are chock full of information about tattoos, tattoo artists and other things that are useful to someone who wants to get inked. Make sure you take all of the information in these with a grain of salt though as sometimes companies can pay for special features in these publications.

  • Friends and Family - If you have friends or family members who have gotten ink before, they can be a great resource for finding the best tattoo artists near me. When you ask your friends or family, you can trust that the advice you are given is honest. Although not everyone you know will have enough tattoo experience to know what makes a good shop or not.

  • Tattoo Communities - There are many great tattoo communities on websites like Facebook, Reddit and Tumblr. Social media is a great place to connect with people who know tattoos and who may have good suggestions about what tattoo shop would be the best for you to get the ink of your dreams. Plus, these tattoo communities are a great way to learn more about tattoos in general from self-proclaimed experts. 


While we may be biased, we firmly believe that Black Diamond Tattoo Club offers the best tattoo artists Edmonton has anywhere. We would love to show you our portfolios and chat with you about our artists. We’re proud of what we do and we hope that as you search for tattoo parlors near me, you keep the team at Black Diamond Tattoo Club in mind.