10 Things You Should Know When Getting a Tattoo from Tattoo and Piercing Shops

So, you think you want a tattoo. There are many top tattoo artists in and around Edmonton. But, what should you know before you make an appointment at one of these tattoo and piercing shops? Here are 10 things we think you should keep in mind.


  • It Will Hurt - Anyone who says a tattoo won’t hurt is lying. There is pain involved; however, it is usually manageable and an expert is happy to help you get through the painful stages with as little effort as possible.

  • Cleanliness Matters - A clean shop is a good shop. Before you make an appointment at any of the facilities that offer tattoo and piercing near me, check and see how clean they are.

  • Art is Important - When it comes to getting a tattoo, remember this is a form of art. Make sure you choose a tattooist that is not only good at the technical side of things but is also an artist.

  • It Takes Time - Tattooing is not something that takes just a minute or too. Even a relatively simple tattoo will take time. Make sure you are prepared to be patient so the job can get done right.

  • There are Many Styles - Not every tattooist is the same. If you have a particular style in mind make sure the artist you choose will be able to get the job done right.

  • Healing is Complex - The healing process for a tattoo takes time. If you cannot put time and effort into helping it heal, now may not be the right time to get inked.

  • Colors Fade - Even the best tattoo will fade over time. If you want it to stay bright and fresh looking be prepared to have your colors touched up after a few years.

  • You Need to Avoid the Sun - When you have tattoos, you’ll want to be prepared to keep the ink protected from the sun--not only right away but also for years to come.

  • You May Have to Hide It - Many places of employment will require that you hide your tattoo when at work. Be prepared to cover a tattoo when you are on the clock.

  • People Judge - While tattoos are becoming more and more accepted today, there are still people who may judge you for your ink. Be prepared to deal with the opinions of others.


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