Online Booking

If you'd like to speak to someone when booking, please give us a call! (780) 757-8869

Piercings & Tattoo Consults

To book an appointment with one of our piercers for a piercing, jewelry change, or other concern, follow the link below. Tattoo consultations can also be booked through this platform (not the appointment for the tattoo itself).

Flash & Custom Tattoos

Flash and custom tattoos can be booked individually through each artist's Tattcloud page. To book a custom tattoo through Tattcloud, you will have to click on "Request Custom" and fill out the form. The artist will then respond to your request with an approval, denial, or pending (where they might then request more info). Once approved, you'll be able to book.

Please note: tattoo appointments through Tattcloud require a deposit of $100 + Tattcloud's service fee.