Different Piercings Available from a Piercing Parlor in Edmonton

Years ago when you thought of going to a piercing studio, likely you were considering ear piercing. After all, ear piercings are timeless and women (and men) have enjoyed this look for decades now. However, the world of piercing has grown over the years and now piercing can include much more than just the ear lobe. If you want to get pierced, make sure you spend some time looking at the options. We’ve put together seven different piercings you may want to consider when you visit a piercing parlor in Edmonton.


  • Ears - Ear piercing is more than just lobes. Getting your ear pierced can mean several different options. The upper ear, helix, tragus and snug piercings are all very popular and give you a unique look when compared to “typical” ear piercings. Plus, many people like the lobe piercing but would like to have multiple holes so they can wear different styles.

  • Nose - Nose piercings are fun and carefree. They give everyone a youthful appearance so they are a good consideration if you would like something a little different yet lots of fun too. Today there are many studs available including smaller ones that are less obvious if you want to wear it to work or school too.

  • Eyebrow - The eyebrow piercing has grown in popularity over the past few years. This is a slightly more complex piercing but it is a simple job for a talented piercing studio. Make sure you are prepared to put a little extra work into after care if you get an eyebrow piercing.

  • Marilyn Piercing - The Marilyn piercing is an “above the lip” piercing that is slightly off-center. This is similar to the birthmark that Marilyn Monroe had, which is where it gets its unique name.

  • Tongue Piercing - A tongue piercing is a fun choice because it can be easily hidden. While many people choose a tongue piercing because they want to look different, the piercing can be plugged with a clear ring so that it is less obvious for wearing to work or school.

  • Snake bite Piercing - The snake bite piercing is a double lip ring that gives the appearance of snake fangs. This is a very trendy piercing and can be a little more extreme than many people would like. However, for those who like the style, it is ultimately a lot of fun.


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