Why You Want to Work with the Best Piercing Shop in Edmonton

If you decide to get a piercing does it matter where you go? After all, there are plenty of body jewelry shop options out there. The reality is that piercing can be a complicated task, and taking care of your piercing after the fact is something that requires much effort. That is why you want to work with the best piercing shop in Edmonton--Black Diamond Tattoo Club.


  • Good Piercers are Safer - The best piercing body piercing shops take extra precautions when it comes to cleanliness and safety. Spend some time looking over the cleanliness of any shop before you make an appointment to have a piercing done. The payoff can be huge when it comes to your safety.

  • You’ll Have More Jewelry to Choose From - A good body jewelry shop will offer a wide variety of jewelry options. You won’t have to go with just the same old stud that everyone else has. You’ll have a much bigger selection of jewelry to choose from so you can have the look you crave.

  • You’ll Have More Piercing Options - There are many different types of piercing out there. Some shops are only able to do the most basic piercing types. Instead, choose a high-end shop that can give you the different types and styles you are looking for, including today’s latest trends.

  • Follow Up is Easy - A good body piercing shop does not just give you a piercing and send you on your way. Quite the opposite, we take care of the follow-up tasks for you too, making sure that you are well cared for even after you leave our shop. When follow up is a priority, you know the shop is dedicated to your overall well being.

  • One Stop Shop - When you choose to work with Black Diamond Tattoo Club, know that we are more than just a body jewelry shop. We can help you with your piercing, of course, but we also offer tattoo services too. You have one trusted location to go to for all your body modification needs. We are committed to helping you look and feel your best.


As you can see, there is a lot to think about when you are comparing body piercing shops. Finding a good shop is well worth the effort when it comes to your overall safety and your appearance after the piercing. If you would like to talk about your ideas for piercing or you want to make an appointment, reach out to the best piercing shop in Edmonton, Black Diamond Tattoo Club. Our piercers are well-trained, carefully monitored and take all of the health and safety precautions possible to make sure you are happy with your piercing today and for years to come.