Who Gets Body Piercing in Edmonton

Have you been thinking about getting a body piercing? Perhaps you just want a unique ear piercing to make you feel your best. Do you have friends or family members who have gotten piercings? Maybe not, that’s okay! You will still be in good company. But with who? You may wonder, who are the customers of the best piercing shops in Edmonton? Consider this listing of some of our customer types.


  • Youth - Yes, young people are some of the biggest customers of the pros that offer body piercing in Edmonton. But, youth is all in how you feel so no matter what your age you may like the look of a new piercing.

  • The Style Setters - Piercing is popular today. Style setters are always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd and piercing can be it.

  • Anyone Looking for a Change - If you are going through a difficult time in your life perhaps you want something to help you feel more like YOU. If you’re going through a divorce or have had other challenges in your life, it can be time to look at piercing.

  • Professionals - Believe it or not, professionals get body piercings too. Don’t think that just because you are in the professional world you can’t get pierced! Check out many of our understated piercing options.


The reality is that nearly anyone may decide to get a body piercing in Edmonton. Many people choose to get piercings in places that aren’t easily seen by a casual acquaintance. If you’ve been considering body piercing, why not call and chat with us at Black Diamond Tattoo Club. Our team of piercers would love to chat with you about all of the options in piercing today. We’re here for you!